Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wyatt's Place

Wyatt at work sorting cattle at Crossed Arrows 1st Annual Chad Winters Memorial 4-H Ranch Rodeo, October 18th, 2010.
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The above photos courtesy of Phil Howe - thanks Phil!!!

Wyatt riding Sled Reynold's Friesian stallion, Tornado (aka. Casey) - the horse used by Antonio Banderas in the movie "Zorro".

Wyatt crackin’ out! at the Galisteo Rodeo, Galisteo, New Mexico – age 4 years.

Sir Wyatt Mortenson on his trusty steed, Ranger – youngest warrior to be knighted at only 4 years of age!

Wyatt waiting for his remuda to come in at the Mortenson Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico – age 3 years.

Wyatt giving Clint a turn at the reins on Ben at Pricilla Hobeck’s ranch in Galisteo, New Mexico – age 18 months

“Wyatt at 18 months impersonating Will Rogers”

More to come, So Keep checking Back...