Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Martin Belts - What a Deal!!!

Christmas is coming! Martin tapered belts are only $60 each - normally $120, stock up now!

Add one of these Mortenson Buckle sets, call for prices and availability!
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rodeo de Santa Fe

Congratulations to all who participated in this year's rodeo ~ wishing you all the luck for the rest of the rodeo season!

Queens Buckle (above) & Crown (below)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Custom Buckle made for Bruce Robison

Austin-based country music singer-songwriter, one of our favorites!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Order Your Custom Spurs!!!

Hot off the bench... These Custom Spurs & Conchos were made for Brad Tilton.

More spur designs to come soon...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sonna "Annie Oakley" Warvell Inductee to Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Sonna and her family! Come January 14, 2010 Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame will induct the Warvell Family: Jim, Jan, Toni and Sonna Warvell of Weatherford, among others. The Warvell family performed trick riding, trick roping and comedy routines worldwide. Sonna has starred as Annie Oakley at Disneyland Paris in its production of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (La Legende de Buffalo Bill) since the park opened in 1992.

Back in the Days working with the Wild West Show in Paris...

Buffalo Bill's Saddle Then & Now

Created 100 years later by Clint Mortenson this saddle rode in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show for 8 years in Paris. It now resides in a personal Collection.

New Year's Eve Roping

The burrrrr factor was in effect, but it didn't stop us from having some frigid fun New Year's Eve Day!

Heading is Clint himself Heal'in is Cardo Mares

Flag Master Clayton Stambaugh

Taking time from his busy schedule, Ranch Manager Steve Price took some time the throw some loops.

Dean's Corner

Check Back as we add more of Dean's work...

Custom Silver and Saddle made for Buff Douthitt – Professional Cowboy of the Rodeo Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

Custom Chinks made for bassist, singer, & next-door roping buddy Susan Holmes of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Custom Saddle made for Dale “THE KING” Baird – Winner of more horse races than anyone in history.

1). Deirdre Imus with her new custom Mortenson saddle.
2). Custom saddle made for Harvey Rott of Aberdeen, South Dakota (this saddle was stolen out of our shop in 2002, along with 15 others)…. Call Clint if you see this saddle somewhere!!!
3). Saddle made for Bill Waldman – Roping Attorney Extraordinaire from California.
4). Saddle made for Christie Thorstenson – Horse trainer from Surprise, Arizona & New Underwood, South Dakota.

Custom Saddle made for Cody Woodfin – Polo player from Houston, TX.

Custom Saddle Set made for Skidsteer Extraordinaire, Joe Gross of Aberdeen, South Dakota – Owner of JGE, Inc.

Custom Saddle made for Chris Lawson of Austin, TX – NFR Roper and BFI winner

Wyatt's Place

Wyatt at work sorting cattle at Crossed Arrows 1st Annual Chad Winters Memorial 4-H Ranch Rodeo, October 18th, 2010.
Click for larger view.

The above photos courtesy of Phil Howe - thanks Phil!!!

Wyatt riding Sled Reynold's Friesian stallion, Tornado (aka. Casey) - the horse used by Antonio Banderas in the movie "Zorro".

Wyatt crackin’ out! at the Galisteo Rodeo, Galisteo, New Mexico – age 4 years.

Sir Wyatt Mortenson on his trusty steed, Ranger – youngest warrior to be knighted at only 4 years of age!

Wyatt waiting for his remuda to come in at the Mortenson Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico – age 3 years.

Wyatt giving Clint a turn at the reins on Ben at Pricilla Hobeck’s ranch in Galisteo, New Mexico – age 18 months

“Wyatt at 18 months impersonating Will Rogers”

More to come, So Keep checking Back...

2007 PRCA World Champion Saddle

Silver by Clint Mortenson

Bit & Spur Makers of Mexico

Left is Richardo Valencia Grijalva, Middle is Clint, Right is Juan Grijalva.

Eduardo Grijalva (1914-1994): A skilled Mexican bit and spur maker was a Yavapai Indian. His interest in bit making was aroused while he was working on his parents' ranch in El Coyotillo, Mexico. By 1948, as his craftsmanship improved, he worked full time making bits and spurs. Every cheekpiece, roller and mouthpiece was cut and shaped by hand.

Even though Eduardo passed away in 1994, his method of building a truly handmade pair of spurs or a bit did not die with him. His son Juan Adolfo Grijalva spent a lifetime working with his father learning the trade. Like his father, Juan is a master bit and spur maker. Juan continues to build bits and spurs in his father’s shop, marking his creations with the famous EG* stamp. Juan does not advertise nor ship his work, yet the demand for his product outweighs the supply.

The third generation of Grijalva bit makers is represented by Juan’s nephew, Eduardo’s grandson, Ricardo Valencia-Grijalva. who began learning the family trade by working with his grandfather Eduardo and his uncle Juan. Following his grandfather’s death, Ricardo continued to work along side his uncle. In 2004, Ricardo left the shop built by his grandfather and began working on his own. Today, Ricardo has gained recognition as a master in his own right. Currently he has a waiting list in excess of well over one year. Although Ricardo has moved to his own shop, he and his uncle Juan keep Eduardo’s traditional methods of building bits and spurs alive. Ricardo marks his bits and spurs with the L5* mark. The star in the mark plays homage to Eduardo, the L5 to the brand used by his other grandfather. In a world of short cuts and mass production, you can be assured that bits bearing the mark of Juan or Ricardo were constructed using methods found in centuries past.

Bonneville World Record

This buckle was created for Jeff Brock who broke the Bonneville World record, for inline engine Competition Coupes, with a top speed of 133MPH, breaking the previous record of 127.

For more about Jeff's "Fine Art at High Speed" please visit his website:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tommy Lee Jones - "The Missing" Saddle

1870's Mexican Saddle made for Ron Howard's film "The Missing". Tommy Lee JOnes rode the exact saddle made by Mortenson Saddlery. Solid sterling trim and handstamping adorn this custom saddle. The Apache saddle bags were made from brain tanned buffalo by Cathy Smith. $7500

Tommy Lee Jones on the set of The Missing with saddle made by Mortenson Saddlery

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Emerald Buckle

Monday, December 21, 2009

RMRHA Bridle Buckle